Wesley V. Velsen

President of Blackwater Interactive


Hello! Allow me to introduce myself.

Brief Introduction

I am Wesley van Velsen, President and CEO for Blackwater Interactive. My main focus right now is to expand on our growing business and provide guidance to our great team of developers, industry developers and support staff.


I have a background in gaming and have an affinity with the industry as a whole, having started gaming from the young age of seven (7) years old. This interest only grew, but diversified over the years that came, moving from playing those games to what makes them tick. Analytics, marketing development and management of teams has drawn me the most, and where I feel I can make the best use of myself.

I started my career in the gaming industry in early 2017, when I joined the team that created Lambda Wars: Beta, a spin-off from the popular Half-Life franchise which puts the player in a top-down view of a battlefield. In hindsight, it plays a lot like the Command and Conquer games, with players directing units.

I first joined this team as their Community Manager, but soon climbed up to Project Manager, and had the pleasure of meeting many talented and friendly people among the team, many of who were present for years before my joining.
I've worked with great pleasure on this game and with the development staff over the course of almost a year. I eventually decided to resign as I felt my task had been concluded. I left the project with more activity than it had before, centralized player to staff communications and vice versa, as well as set up several new systems to allow the developers to help themselves develop the game before anything else. I still remain in contact with them from time to time.

Somewhere in 2018 I decided to change directions and picked up a position as Community Manager for SCP: Secret Laboratory created by Hubert Moszka. With my arrival, I've given many aspect improvements to the game and its playerbase by contributing from a management position.
Around February, I picked up the position of Project Manager (Senior Manager by title) and set up several workflow departments and established several new teams for the Steam distribution platform and Social Media. Unfortunately, I was unable to continue past March, three months into my position and had to resign as a result.

Mission and Vision

My mission within the game industry is simple. To create games that are memorable to our dear players. By cultivating a free work environment, with as little management interference as possible, we allow our staff to do the work they can, and ask for help if they find themselves unable to do something.
By hiring talented people from all over the globe, we ensure ourselves of a healthy workforce. Everyone is on equal footing here, nobody has to "pull rank", a common mistake I've seen in my career so far. We solve things as a team, not as an individual.