The COVID-19 Pandemic and what that means for us

As you are all aware, COVID-19 (Corona Virus) has yet to be resolved properly around the globe, and many countries are still dealing with direct, or indirect consequences brought forth by this virus. For an international company such as ourselves, this brings forth unique situations and issues that require active solutions.


As you may, or may not, be aware: Blackwater Interactive is a zero-budget upstart. This means we run on the power and motivation of our volunteers, in exchange for compensation down the line. However, with this unique setup, and our intent of going about handling the company, we are faced with difficult decisions.

Safety first!

We, as a company, pride ourselves in putting consideration into our volunteers' safety and personal lives. As you can imagine, safety has become paramount for us now. This is why we've established the open policy that family, personal and professional safety comes first, and always will be. We've urged our employees that if something were to happen, all they have to send is one message to someone within management, and it won't hurt their position with us.


As some of you may be aware, motivation is difficult to maintain, though it sure is easier when you are paid to do a job. All of us within the company have been there. That is why we have informed all of our employees that taking a Leave of Absence to get some much-needed rest, and be able to recharge, it can be done at leisure with no repercussions. And lastly...

Skills shortage

This was a problem far, far before COVID-19 came looking around the corner, though it's recently become an acute issue for us. As we are dealing with skills shortage in certain departments, we have to do some serious evaluation within the company to see what is achievable within reasonable scope. This means, once more, delays in our announcements about any title we intend to bring to the market. We hope on your understanding during these unprecedented times, and we sure do hope to step into the light about some of our upcoming plans soon! With best regards; Blackwater Interactive Team